The introduction of the back to back hook loop cable tie

- Sep 04, 2018 -

About the back to back hook and loop cable tie 

Back-to-back hook and loop  straps, alias hook and loop  straps, hook and loop  straps, it has a disagreement with the popular tie, the popular strap, designed to have a back-off effect, can only be tighter and tighter.

The back-to-back hook and loop  straps adopt the magic wand to make the truth. It is a kind of joint auxiliary points on both sides of the male and female. One wall is a small and soft fiber. The other wall is a harder device like a small hair.

Just put it together. Under a certain pulling force, the rich and flexible hooks are straightened, closed from the rubber loops on the loops, and then restored to the revival of the hook type, such as repeated opening and closing up to 10,000 times,

hook and loop  tapes are commonly used in the position where various items are often opened or closed, but traditional hook and loop fasteners can only be firmly attached to the product or object by the method of sewing.

Due to the development of hook and loop , our company introduced the use of hook and loop  hook back-to-back fit, which is more convenient when used, and how much is needed. Customers can also print logos to enhance the company's product popularity!

Back-to-back hook and loop  straps can be used: can be used for computer external cables, external mouse cable, keyboard cable, cable speaker cable, etc., headphone cable, various power charger cables, cable cables, household appliances audio routes, cable bindings around the cabinet,

Make them structurally sound, line-to-line, convenient and clean and convenient to clean up and sort out the various wires and data lines in the home.


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