What Is The Hook Loop Strap Actually Made With?

- Oct 18, 2019-

What is The Hook Loop strap actually made with?

       When you mention the hook and loop, you may be able to tell what the hook and loop is? And what is the material? But little is known about the hook and loop!

       Next, I will come to analyze the hook and loop tape for everyone. In fact, the HOOK and LOOP tape is another name for Velcros, just like the comparison between Western Persimmon and Tomato, which is essentially a substance. The hook and loop fasteners are very common. When we use umbrellas and canvas shoes, we usually have a close-up when we are tying the laces. Of course, the Velcro tape is often used on clothes, and the Velcros tape has a variety of functions, which are closely related to life.

       Velcros is divided into two sides of the male and female: one side is soft fiber, and the other side is elastic fiber with spurs. The male and female are interlocked. When a certain horizontal force is applied, the elastic hook is straightened, loosened from the loop and opened, and then the original hook type is restored, so that the repeated opening and closing can reach 10,000 times. .

     So, what are the materials of the hook and loop fasteners? The most common material for the hook and loop fastener is nylon. The nylon material is not easy to burn, and it is very soft. The Velcros is suitable for use on clothing and is a very environmentally friendly material.

    Secondly, the hook and loop tape is also made of polyester material. This kind of polyester material is easy to burn, and it will produce black smoke. It also has a pungent taste, the material is hard and the hand feel is rough.

    Polyester and nylon hybrid materials are also one of the materials of the Velcros tape, combining all the characteristics of polyester and nylon, not easy to burn, very durable. The adhesive velcros is made of this material.

    Finally, the hook and loop material is also made of nylon A grade material and non-grabbing material. The nylon grade A material is very soft and is often used as a close-fitting garment. It can also be used on the baby without causing skin damage; The type of hook and loop fasteners, only the matte surface, the hooks are usually used with nylon A grade materials, and are used in close-fitting clothes.

    Nylon hook and loop fasteners can be seen everywhere in daily life, and the visibility is relatively high. It is commonly used on clothes or shoes. If you need to wholesale the Velcros with Velcros, you can search online. Most of the manufacturers and textile companies are located in Shenzhen or Dongguan. . The most important thing when it comes to wholesale gluing tapes is to know which kind of material you need, so that you can buy them better. After all, there are many kinds of gluing tapes!

   So what should I do if the Velcros is not sticky? If the Velcros sticks too much debris, you can use a sharp object such as a toothpick to pick up the debris. It is also possible to use a splint, an iron, or the like, to be slightly heated on the top, which also restores the stickiness of the hook and loop fastener. However, if the soft sticky hair on the top falls off, the sticky hair is worn away, so it is necessary to carry out the modification. The method is very simple. If you can't find clothes or other unused materials that are useful to the Velcros, cut it off and use the awl. Fish line or strong seam


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